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Giclée Art Print
Human Origin


A piece exploring the evolution of the human species. The sequencing of the complete Neanderthals genome was one of the highlights of last year, not just because of the technical achievement involved, but because it confirmed something extraordinary about our own ancestry. It showed that everyone outside of Africa can trace around 1-4% of their genes to Neanderthals. Our ancestors must have bred with Neanderthals on their way out of Africa.

Then, later in the year, the same team revealed another ancient genome. This one belonged to a group of people called Denisovans, known only from a single finger bone and a tooth. They too had left genetic heirlooms in modern people. Around 5-7% of the genes of Melanesians (people from Papua New Guinea, Fiji and other Pacific islands) came from the Denisovans.

Printing Technique: Giclée Printing uses 12 colour pigment based archival inks which do not degrade and allows a better longevity.

Paper: 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching, Textured Matt Finish

Size: A2 – 42cm x 59.4cm / A1 – 59.4cm x 84.1cm

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